Sylvia Flesner

Balanced Approach to Healing

  Background & Training   Sylvia Flesner believes that every physical illness or discomfort in your body comes from an emotional condition. Her role as a health care practitioner is to teach her clients to take responsibility for their own healing and to support their journey back to wellness.

"The true health care practitioner of the 21st century is a teacher, not a caretaker," states Sylvia. "I provide counseling and support for my clients, not just dietary recommendations and supplements." The ultimate goal is to give an individual the keys to bring about his or her own healing."

"I treat the whole person - body, mind and spirit. My clients range in age from three months to 93 years. I've treated a wide range of physical problems in my twenty plus years of working as a health care professional."

Dr. Sylvia Flesner has been recognized in Dr. Rob Ivker’s books. She consultants with Dr. Ivker and works hand in hand with many of his patients. Dr. Flesner is highly sought after by her peers, who often call upon her specialized expertise.

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